About Us

Welcome to Zygma Dell, a family-owned venture founded in 2012 by Marta and Zygmunt Zelazko. Rooted in Polish heritage, the couple focused on a small brush in North Carolina. As the Polish community grew, our store became a favorite destination for Europeans and Americans alike. After 10 years of faithful work, Marta and Zygmunt handed over power to their son Jarek and his wife Agnieszka, ensuring that the Polish tradition continued. We are devoted to offering first-class customer service and working with many suppliers to provide a variety of quality products.

At Zygma Dell, our main goal is to provide exceptional customer service and to bring you a little piece of home through our products and environment, or provide you with the opportunity to try a variety of delicious Eastern European foods without having to pay for a plane ticket. We have established relationships with many suppliers to stay committed to differentiation and original products. Our wide range caters to all tastes, and we value your opinions. If you would like to see specific products on our shelves, please feel free to share your suggestions with the store owner.

For your ease, we accept major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Unfortunately, we do not process checks or stamps. We welcome everyone to enjoy our warm environment.

Explore our offerings, including Polish newspapers, pre-owned books, phone cards (for Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine), essential medicines, an extensive array of fruit teas for european wine, and a diverse beer selection (Polish, Slovak, German, Russian).

Discover our new additions: Polish Ceramics , Clothes and Souvenirs